Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crown is a hollow cap designed to cover a damaged tooth to restore its shape, function, and appearance. Crowns can either be made of ceramic, stainless steel, zirconia, acrylic, gold or other metal alloys, making them a strong protection for your teeth. These tooth caps are cemented on existing teeth or implants and can only be removed by your prosthodontist. We provide you a comprehensive check-up and outstanding services for dental crowns at SmileCareAlanya that fits your specific needs and dental condition.

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What Exactly Is
Dental Crowns?

Teeth that have been damaged, worn, or suffered major decay can be totally restored to their original beauty and functionality with a crown.

Dental Crowns are made to protect the tooth from any further damage and add a boost in confidence. It helps prevent teeth from breaking, fracturing, cracking, and chipping. Crowns are made when the tooth has been damaged to such an extent that treating it with a cap rather than a filling may be better.

Dental crown prices have stabilized in the last few years. However, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry treatments can make it challenging to pick the right dentist in Alanya.

SmileCareAlanya offers world-renowned cosmetic dentistry that provides affordable dental crowns while ensuring that we feed your individual needs and priorities. Travelling to get your dental crowns in Alanya is easy. SmileCareAlanya-approved dentists have been professionally trained, so assured you’ll be in good hands.

Suppose you have a damaged tooth or are looking to cover a previous dental implant. In that case, we’ll support you to have high-quality crowns. Here, we’ve outlined the different types of dental crowns available, so contact us, and your Patient Advisor will lead you through the entire treatment process.

Dental Crowns Are For

Worn down teeth over time.

Cracked and weak teeth.

Discolored or misshapen teeth.

Large fillings and irregular bites.

Dental Crowns Treatment In Alanya

Minimum stay: 4 – 6 days

Number of trips: 1

Dental Crowns Treatment Duration

Multiple sessions, each session lasts for an average of one hour.

The entire treatment takes about six days in SmileCareAlanya dental clinic.

Recovery Period

Return to normal activities 2-3 days after the crown is placed.

Success Rate

Dental crowns should serve in place for 5-15 years with proper care.

94% have an eight-year success rate.

75% have an 18-year success rate.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

Infection and Inflammation.

Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold.

Crown fracture and breakage.

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